Terms & Conditions


Hire Terms & Conditions:

As you are the hirer you must sign and agree to our hire agreement. If you do not then we will not hire you our unit(s).The person signing the hire agreement must be 18 years or over.The person who signs the hire agreement will be solely liable for any costs incurred for not abiding by these Hire Terms & Conditions.You are responsible for any loss or damage made to any of the goods on hire to you and may be liable to a repair/cleaning charge.Alcohol is strictly forbidden and anybody under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not be allowed to use the equipment at anytime.Do not sign the terms of hire unless you are satisfied the equipment is safe for use.The equipment is designed for indoor and/or outdoor use. However, when the equipment gets wet it may become very slippery, so making the risk of injury much higher. If we have high winds the equipment should be deflated.There are to be NO ADULTS allowed on the equipment unless it is specifically designed for adult use.Do NOT attempt somersaults, flips etc. Do NOT climb up the walls or attempt to sit on top of the walls.Do NOT walk on the safety mats in healed shoes, try to avoid shoes on the safety mats at all times.We reserve the right to cancel any hire agreement if we think the weather is unfit for the use of any inflatable.Indoor castles are made for indoor use only. We ask you to check the height of the ceiling before booking, because you will get charged if we have a wasted journey.Adult supervision is required at all times and it is there responsibility to make sure the equipment is been used in a safe and responsible manner to avoid injury to users and persons nearby.NO PARTY POPPERS, SILLY STRING, FOOD, DRINKS etc to be allowed on the equipment at anytime, you will be charged a cleaning fee and possibly the cost of replacing the equipment due to the damage that can be caused by having the pre mentioned on the equipment.Once equipment has been set up and deemed safe by ourselves you must NOT attempt to move the equipment as this can be extremely dangerous.Do NOT attempt to pack any equipment away or deflate the equipment (unless we advise you to) before we arrive for collection as the equipment will be need to be inspected before removal. If we have to take time to set up again to inspect, this will incur a minimum charge of £30 per item.Do NOT deflate the equipment when raining unless we contact you to do so.PAYMENT for hire of equipment is to be made in full on delivery with CASH or BANK TRANSFER, we will NOT accept Paypal for remaining balances. Please make sure you have available funds on our arrival as we cannot leave the equipment without having full cleared payment.
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